Do you try desperately to get rid of those stubborn fat deposits? Are you happy with your weight but no matter how hard you train these swellings keep bulging out? You are not the only one facing these problems while looking in the mirror. Liposculpture – the correction of the contour by removing unwanted fat from different problem areas – became the most popular cosmetic treatment all over the world. Plastic surgery could help you regain your self-confidence where diet and training fail to.

Liposuction removes those unwanted fat deposits safely and permanently.


Before The Procedure

Our surgeon will listen carefully to your wishes and examine your problem areas. Taking into account your expectations, your BMI (body-mass-index), the bony structure and the muscles, he  makes a custom made plan for you. Do not hesitate to ask all your questions during the consultation! The surgeon will also check for certain medical conditions that could limit the extension of the surgery (such as uncontrolled high blood pressure, blood clotting problems), because your safety is very important for us.

Our surgeon will give you information about the procedure and the expected result. Liposculpture removes the special fat cells which are genetically predisposed to store fat, this way providing a permanent change in the contour. Even if you would gain weight after the surgery, this would be distributed evenly. Liposculpture alone could improve the tightness of the skin, but in some cases additional surgery could be necessary to remove the loose skin. Always ask our surgeon about the best possible option for you!

You will also visit the anesthesiologist, who would give information about the anaesthesia during the procedure and the pain management after the surgery.

During The Procedure

Most liposculpture surgeries are performed under local anesthesia with sedation, but in case of extended treatments general anesthesia is the best option.

The procedure starts with infiltration – special solution that loosens and dissolves the fat – this way it could be easily removed using suction. During the procedure our surgeon uses a special long hollow rod, with an assisted motor-driven vibration to make the procedure faster, more precise and less painful. At the end of the surgery you will get an elastic garment which covers all the treated areas to prevent the swelling and bruising.

After The Procedure

Having pain after surgery is normal, especially in the first two days, although it can be lessened with the pain medication prescribed by our surgeon or the attending anesthesist. Normally there is some bruising, and the treated regions are swollen.

  • Two to three days – the skin is sensitive, especially by touching it. The elastic garment should be kept on, this is very important to achieve the desired result. This could be removed only for a short time (like taking a shower), and then put on back immediately. Some leakage from the wounds is normal in the early postoperative period. As the swelling recedes, you might be able to pull the garment tighter.
  • Two days to two weeks – return to work. Most of the swelling and bruising is gone. The operative field feels hard.
  • Six weeks – more strenuous activities can be resumed, scars are still visible, redness fades away. The treated regions could be massaged gently.
  • One year or more – the subcutaneous fat becomes softer, with massage you could flatten the eventual uneven surface, scars are barely visible.

Duration of results: Permanent, although weight gain is still possible – but the new fat will be evenly distributed, not just deposited in the ‚problem zones‘.

Your recovery experience, risks and possible complications;

  • Temporary swelling, bruising
  • Post-operative bleeding that normally doesn’t require surgery.
  • Infection – chance is low
  • Unexpected aesthetic result requiring additional surgery.

Price of the procedure:
From AED 20000 – ask for special offers!

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