How we deal with your complaint

Examination of your complaint

It is important to raise your complaint as soon as possible, if during anytime before, during or after the procedure you wanted to raise a complaint, please do so. The patient needs to be physically present to be examined by the Dr. in charge. If your complaint appears straightforward, we may ask the service provider you complained about for a report on your complaint. We will ask for your case file. We will write to you and tell you our decision and how we reached it.  We may also need to examine files from the service provider or meet with the staff involved. You can send additional relevant information, views and comments while the examination is being carried out, and we will consider these. When we have finished examining your complaint, we will write to you and tell you our decision and how we reached it.

Keeping in contact

We will try to complete the examination of your complaint within two to three week. If your case is more complicated, it might take us longer. We will keep you updated on what is happening with your complaint. You are also welcome to call or write to us at any time to find out what is happening.

Decision on your complaint

If we find the complaint in your favour, we may recommend to the service provider that they take action to put things right. Sometimes we find that an apology and an explanation from the service provider are sufficient. In exceptional cases, we recommend financial recognition of the time and trouble taken in making and pursuing a complaint. In many cases we find that the service provider has acted correctly. If this is the case then we will tell you and explain why we decided this.


We keep strictly to the rules of medical confidentiality. If you are not the patient, you are not allowed to complain on the behalf of the patient (unless the person is under 18 or the gaurdian of the patient).

Patient Complaint Form

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