Laparoscopic mini Gastric Bypass

Laparoscopic Mini Gastric Bypass Treatment in Jumeirah, Dubai

What is Laparoscopic Mini Gastric Bypass?

The procedure involved in a mini gastric bypass is much quicker to perform than the traditional form of a gastric bypass. The laparoscopic mini-gastric bypass can help you lose weight by reducing the size of your stomach, allowing you to feel full faster and eat less. Another reason this surgery can help with weight loss is that the food you consume bypasses the small intestines, reducing the number of calories that can be absorbed by your body.

How is Laparoscopic Mini Gastric Bypass Performed?

A mini-gastric bypass is performed under general anesthesia. Your surgeon will make around 4-5 incisions in your abdomen. The size of your stomach is reduced by dividing it into separate portions. The remaining functioning portion of the stomach is then made to ‘bypass’ a region of the small intestines and is attached directly to a later intestinal segment. The portion of the small intestines that are bypassed makes it so that less food can be absorbed.

How Much Time Does the Laparoscopic Mini Gastric Bypass Take?

60 minutes with one day stay at the hospital

How Does Laparoscopic Mini Gastric Bypass Help?

  • With the reduced size of the stomach, patients can feel satiety while consuming less food.
  • Feel full at a quicker rate and for a longer period.
  • Less absorption of food, thereby absorbing fewer calories.
  • Reduced risk of heart disease and stroke
  • Reduced risk of infertility
  • Symptoms of diabetes, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, and obstructive sleep apnea are improved in up to 75% of patients

Risks and Complications of Laparoscopic Mini Gastric Bypass

As is the case in all surgeries, a laparoscopic mini-gastric bypass has a risk profile and possible complications that your surgeon will discuss with you.

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