Allergic Dermatitis Treatment In Jumeirah, Dubai

When the skin has an allergic reaction, it can be either as atopic dermatitis (eczema) or urticaria (hives). The former is also sometimes referred to as contact dermatitis. The main symptoms of atopic dermatitis are dry skin with pruritus (itching). Other signs include redness, scaling and inflammation of the skin on the face, neck, and folds in the elbow and knee areas.

Causes of atopic dermatitis

Allergic diseases affect the skin, the upper respiratory tract, the bronchial and sometimes the gastrointestinal system. Worldwide, the incidence of allergies has greatly increased, probably due to changes in the environment and our lifestyle.

What You Can Do

Around half of atopic dermatitis patients develop hay fever with eye and nose involvement (conjunctivitis and allergic rhinitis), food allergies and/or allergic asthma. Seeking early and effective treatment of eczema can, in many cases, prevent such complications.

What We Can Do For You

Dr. A. R. Shamma Medical Center in Dubai has recently launched a special facility for the diagnosis and treatment of atopic dermatitis eczema and other skin allergies in both children and adults. This unit is headed by Prof. Michael Meurer from Munich, Germany, who is also Director of the interdisciplinary University Allergy Center (UAC) in Dresden. Our skin allergy center provides up-to-date testing and treatment for eczema and other types of allergic skin diseases. In addition, Prof. Meurer and his team focus on the prevention of skin allergies by exploring the profile of allergens – including food, environmental and chemical factors– which have the potential to elicit or trigger allergic reactions in our patients.

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