Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Treatment in Jumeirah, Dubai

People with pelvic floor disorders may experience: Urinary problems, such as an urgent need to urinate, painful urination or incomplete emptying of their bladder. Constipation, straining or pain during bowel movements. Pain or pressure in the vagina or rectum.

Pelvic floor dysfunction is often caused by chronic constipation. Pelvic floor dysfunction is characterized by an impaired relaxation and pelvic floor relaxation. Hard stools and straining when passing stool are a sign of pelvic floor dysfunction. Causes of pelvic floor dysfunction include anatomic disease, mechanical issues and diet related constipation. Diagnosing the condition needs a complete history and examination.

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Diagnosis

Confirmatory diagnosis is made using anorectal manometry. Pelvic Floor Dysfunction treatment and management of the condition requires a multidisciplinary team approach. Additional measures include biofeedback training, relaxation techniques, behavior modification, pelvic floor training exercises and education on constipation. If your physician determines your pelvic floor dysfunction is the result of a rectal prolapse or rectocele, surgery may be necessary.

Bowel management techniques are taken and given to clients to help them manage the condition. A daily regimen is prescribed and is composed of foods rich in fiber and physical activity. Additionally, a hot caffeine drink is offered hence increasing the peristaltic movements of the bowels. A regimen is dependent on the type of client, some may need just exercise while others need laxatives to help them through the condition.

Pelvic floor muscles are trained with biofeedback. Operant conditioning is used to retrain the muscles. Research shows a success rate of about 85% of the patients who undergo the training.

Symptoms of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

You might depict Pelvic Floor Dysfunction in one or more of the following ways:

  • Leakage of stool/urine with or without your awareness.
  • Pain during intercourse (experienced by women).
  • Pain in your lower back that cannot be explained by other causes.
  • A frequent need to urinate. When you do go, you may stop and start many times.
  • Painful urination
  • A frequent need to urinate. When you do go, you may stop and start many times.

Book an appointment with a doctor if you observe any of the above signs and symptoms to seek an immediate treatment for Pelvic Floor Dysfunction at SHAMMA Clinic Dubai.

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Treatment

Most pelvic floor dysfunction is treatable, mostly using biofeedback and physical therapy, and occasionally surgery. Seeing your physician evaluate if you have any symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction may give treatment for this often-devitalizing condition and improve your quality of life.

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