Thigh Lift / Tightening in Jumeirah, Dubai

Individuals who have undergone massive weight loss surgery are often left with undesirable problem areas, including loose, sagging skin on the thighs. Offering sensitivity and compassion, our body contouring surgeon can help patients achieve their desired results for shapely legs.

Before The Thigh Lift Procedure

The thigh lift is designed to remove excess skin and fat from specific areas of the thighs that are often seen in post-bariatric surgery or massive weight-loss patients. During an appointment with our surgeon, you will discuss your problem areas, and should you qualify for thigh lift surgery, he or she will create a personalized treatment plan. Based on your particular case, you may require one or more surgical visits. Typically, the medial thighs and the lateral thighs and buttocks have the most excess skin.

Our surgeon performs several variations of thigh lifts. He or she may recommend the medial thigh lift, or the lateral thigh and buttock lift. Some of these lifts may be ‘extended’ lifts, which will require more skin tightening and excision and, therefore, longer incisions. These are complicated procedures that involve a difficult recovery period of four to six weeks, but they offer an improvement in appearance for the patient. The thigh lift procedure is often combined with others such as breast lifts, facelifts, and arm lifts to retain a proper body proportion.

During The Thigh Lift Procedure

Duration: three to seven hours

During the thigh lift surgery procedure, skin is lifted from underlying tissue and fat is removed where necessary, and the skin is sutured closed. Surgical tubes may be needed for several days to drain any fluid, and patients may need to wear compression garments for a few weeks to facilitate faster healing and smoother contours. Results are visible immediately.

Some of the most commonly performed thigh lift surgery procedures include the medial (inner) thigh lift and the lateral thigh and buttock lift. The incisions for the medial thigh lift are usually placed in the groin creases and the upper-inner thigh crease. The lateral thigh and buttock lift incisions are just above the buttock crease and around the lower hip. If combined with a tummy tuck this constitutes a full lower body lift. If extended thigh lifts are needed to remove severe excess skin, incisions may be needed down the medial thigh to the medial knee areas. Stubborn pockets of fat may be removed through liposuction.

After The Thigh Lift Procedure

Seven to ten days – surface stitches will be removed. Most of the other sutures will be dissolvable. The dressings on your incisions may be replaced by support garments.

Two to four weeks – return to work

Two to six weeks – depending on your health and physical condition, it may take you weeks to feel like your old self again. After good wound healing, exercise will help you feel better. Even people who have never exercised before should begin an exercise program to reduce swelling, lower the chance of blood clots, and tone muscles. You should find that vigorous exercise becomes possible during this time, but you should avoid it until you can do it comfortably

Three to six months – your scars may actually appear to worsen as they heal, but this is normal

Nine months to a year –your scars should have flattened out and lightened in colour. While they’ll never disappear completely, abdominal scars will not show under most clothing, even under bathing suits.

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