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‘Pruritus’ simply means itching, and it can be associated with number of disorders including dry skin, skin diseases, pregnancy and – rarely – cancer. Anyone can get pruritus but certain groups of people (those who suffer from hay fever, allergies, asthma, and eczema) are more susceptible to the condition

Pruritus Causes

Pruritus may be a manifestation of an internal condition. The most common example is kidney failure. Often the dermatologist will be able to diagnose the condition by physical examination; sometimes a blood test, skin scraping, or biopsy may also be needed to confirm the diagnosis of pruritus.


What You Can Do

The management of symptoms is paramount in the treatment of pruritus. Eliminating the use of irritating or tight clothing is recommended, as well as maintaining a cool environment. You should avoid the frequent use of soap, topical irritants in clothing, dry environments, and vasodilators (such as caffeine, alcohol, and hot water).

Try to take brief, tepid or lukewarm baths using small amounts of mild cleansers with a neutral pH (our dermatologist can make some recommendations of products). Soap film should be rinsed off completely and your skin should be patted lightly with a soft towel, followed by the generous application of a moisturising lotion or cream.

What We Can Do For You

If the itch is secondary to an internal disease, you will first require treatment of that disease.
Your dermatologist can prescribe medications such as antihistamines, corticosteroids, and local anaesthetics, among others to relieve the itchiness.

UV phototherapy is also used to treat various pruritic conditions.  It is often undertaken after other alternatives have been tried to treat stubborn itch, and can offer relief with fewer side-effects and risks than with systemic medications.

The risks associated with UV phototherapy will be discussed with your dermatologist, but include erythema (reddening of the skin) and premature ageing. Side-effects associated with PUVA include redness, burning, headache, and nausea.

The Future

Pruritus is often disrupting and difficult to control but usually responds well to treatment.

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