Anticipatory Guidance in Jumeirah, Dubai

Anticipatory guidance, a term commonly used in the field of general pediatrics, is a proactive developmentally based counseling technique that focuses on the needs of a child at each stage of life. It includes information about the benefit of healthy lifestyles and practices that prevent injury and disease. Based on the child’s age, the pediatrician will provide parents with education about what to expect over the next few months.

By providing this practical and contemporary health information before significant physical, emotional and psychological milestones occur, parents will anticipate any upcoming changes, maximize their child’s developmental potential and identify their child’s special needs.

Common examples of anticipatory guidance for toddlers topics include the use of the car seat, safe sleeping position in infants, wearing helmets while riding the bike, the use of sunscreen, home safety, etc.

Anticipatory guidance is usually performed during well child visits.

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