Family Medicine in Jumeirah, Dubai

Family physicians at SHAMMA Clinic in Dubai offer health care services to a family from birth to old age. We do not just treat but we also promote health and prevent diseases. Wellness and treatment of common infections are our main function in children and adolescents. In adults, we treat and manage common illnesses. Chronic conditions such as hypertension and diabetes are closely monitored to ensure complications are minimal.

Family Medicine Services by SHAMMA Clinic in Dubai

  • Health checkups and packages
  • Treatment and management of chronic illnesses such as hypertension, diabetes, stroke care, asthma, high cholesterol and heart disease
  • Travel, child and adult vaccinations
  • Physical examination
  • Well women check
  • Follow-up on certain conditions.

Health Checkups and Packages

Continuous health checkups are offered in the facility. We check for high blood pressure and regular blood sugar monitoring. Packages are family based and promote the health of a community as a whole.

Treatment and Management of Chronic Illnesses

Our Family Medicine clinic offers care and management to chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and stroke. Chronic conditions without management lead to extensive complications which reduce the quality of life. Constant management of condition reduces one’s rate of complications. For clients with diabetes, health education is offered to help them with insulin and other drug administration. Use of a glucometer in testing the blood glucose levels is taught. Warning signs are also emphasized to keep the client well educated.

Travel, child and adult vaccinations

Our family medicine services also offer child vaccinations in relation to the set immunization schedule. We also offer travel vaccinations such as yellow fever vaccines. Finally, we offer vaccinations for adults such as flu shots and Hepatitis B vaccines.

 Physical examination

We offer a complete head to toe examination to determine the issue one is experiencing.

Well-women checks

Well-women checks are offered in our family clinic to improve the overall health of women. The care is spread from women of childbearing age, adolescents to menopausal women.

Family Medicine at SHAMMA Clinic in Dubai

We offer diagnosis and treatment for the following health conditions:

Physicians in the Department of Family Medicine-Research at SHAMMA Clinic in Dubai engage in clinical research efforts to understand the causes of disease and to identify effective methods of prevention and treatment.

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