Infant Skin Allergy Treatment in Jumeirah, Dubai

Skin is not just a covering of the body. It offers protection to external factors such as heat and other micro-organisms. Skin conditions are not a simple cosmetic issue.

The skin is a crucial barrier that prevents excessive body fluid and mineral loss. It protects against infections and prevents absorption of toxic substances. It also helps regulate body heat.

Baby skin conditions or infant skin allergy can be caused by a variety of factors such as heat, cold, fungus, bacteria, drooling, allergies or prolonged contact with a wet nappy. Fortunately, most baby skin conditions are short-lived and clear up on their own over time. In more severe cases, however, creams and ointments, topical steroids, and oral medication may be required to resolve this viral rash in children.

Types of Baby Skin Conditions:

These are some of the types of baby skin conditions and infant skin allergies which might appear in newborns, showing the following signs and symptoms:

Heat rash: It is also referred to as miliaria or prickly rash. It affects newborn babies since their sweat pores are not fully developed, hence the blockage. Prevalence is higher in hot areas. You might notice small red pimples on your child’s skin. Some of the causes of heat rash in newborns could be perspiration due to heat, warm dressing of a baby, high fever, heavy creams. These usually heal on their own. In case of severe heat rash, you can visit a pediatrics clinic to seek an infant skin allergy treatment for your child.

Nappy rash: Also known as diaper dermatitis, this is one of the common baby skin conditions among children. This is seen as a red rash in the diaper section of the child. A baby skin rash treatment is effective to cure this condition. There are various reasons causing nappy rash – increased contact with stool & urine, moisture from diapers, friction from adhesive tapes and any kind of infection from yeast or bacteria.

Cradle cap: This baby skin condition is also referred to as seborrheic dermatitis. Maternal hormones stimulate an overgrowth of normal skin yeast or fungus, as a result of scaly patches on the skin. There are several reasons which can cause cradle cap in a newborn such as bacterial infection, yeast infection or abnormal oil production in the hair follicles

Atopic eczema: It is also referred to as atopic dermatitis. These are red scaly patches that appear on the skin of the child. The cause is unknown, however, factors triggering it include vaccinations, allergens and creams. As a child grows, the eczema fades away and might not necessarily need a baby skin allergy medication.

Prevention of Baby Skin Conditions

  • During the hot season do not swaddle the baby with lots of clothing
  • Soap used needs to be mild to ensure the baby’s skin is protected
  • Ideal baby bathing water needs to be warm but not hot
  • A moisturizer in the baby’s skin keeps the skin moist
  • Nappy rash cream is effective on the baby’s skin

What Can You Do

  • Dress a baby in light clothes
  • Offer the baby cool baths
  • Do not swaddle a baby
  • Keep away from thick moisturisers
  • A topical steroid can be used
  • Baby diaper needs to be changed regularly
  • Medicated creams can be used in severe nappy rash
  • Olive oil can be used before bath to loosen up the scales.
  • Pat a baby after birth

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