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The invention of vaccines and the implementation of rigorous child immunization schedules helped save millions of lives over the years. Thanks to vaccinations, some deadly diseases that were common in the past have now become virtually obsolete. This is why child vaccination is very important. However, vaccine-preventable diseases still exist, and the only way to protect your children against them is by adhering to your child/baby immunization schedule. Vaccines are safe, and by vaccinating your individual child, you are helping protect the health of the whole community. You can visit the nearest pediatric clinic to avail a child vaccination for your kids at the right time to ensure that they are immune to any diseases.

Simply put, vaccines work by stimulating your body’s immune system to produce proteins called antibodies against a particular bacteria or virus. Later on, if your body is exposed to this bacteria or virus, your body will recognize it and use these antibodies to fight the infection, without having you get sick.

Baby vaccinations may cause mild side-effects like low-grade fever or redness at the site of the injection. Severe side-effects are rare, and the physician will assess the risk of serious side-effects before giving the vaccine.

It is important to follow the immunization schedule by age and not to delay any vaccine. The doctor will check if your child is well before he/she gets vaccinated.

At SHAMMA Clinic, we follow the baby immunization schedule set by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), and we offer any additional child immunizations required based on the child’s health condition or travel plans.

Vaccination is one of the best ways parents can protect their infants, children and teens from serious, debilitating or deadly diseases.

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