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Most women, particularly those seeking general preventive care, require a complete history and physical gynecologic examination as well as a gynecologic evaluation.
Gynecologic evaluation may be necessary to assess a specific problem you might be facing. Women also need routine gynecologic evaluations, which may be provided by a gynecologist, an internist, or a family practitioner; evaluations are recommended every year for all women who are sexually active or > 18 yr. Obstetric evaluation focuses on issues related to pregnancy.

The integrated approach of diagnosing and managing cancers and benign women’s condition. Examples of the condition include vulvular cancer, ovarian cancer, ovarian mass, uterine cancer, cervical cancer and endometriosis. Gynecologic oncologists come together as a team to help women with such issues.

Treatment Options

Once our expert gynecologists perform a complete gynecological examination, following are the treatments carried out based on the condition and type of the cancer:

  • Advanced laparoscopic surgery. It is camera guided surgery that does not involve cutting through the skin rather a small incision is made in the area of choice. Hence faster recovery.
  • Robotic surgery. There is use of robots to guide the surgery, hence increasing the precision.
  • Intraoperative radiation therapy. It is sued in cancers that are advanced, during the intraoperative period, the cancer cells are subjected to radiation therapy.
  • Intraperitoneal chemotherapy. The chemotherapy drugs are administered directly into the pelvic area specifically to a region that is affected by the cancer. Research shows its more effective as compared to only giving a client only intravenous chemotherapy.

Genetic Counselling

 Genetic counsellors are important in explaining to people who have had a history of cancer and other conditions that can be hereditary.

Coordinated Care

Care offered to clients’ needs to be coordinated and be teamed up by the different care givers. Oncologists and radiation therapists join together hands to determine the best course of treatment of clients.

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