Endovenous Laser Therapy in Jumeirah, Dubai

Endovenous LASER ablation of the saphenous vein is also referred to as endovenous LASER therapy/ treatment. It’s a one-time procedure that is very quick, minimally invasive and causes few or no side effects. It is highly effective in eliminating varicose veins and is an alternative to the traditional method of stripping and ligation of the vein. These old methods meant an overnight stay at the hospital and painful recovery period with possible scarring from the incisions and post-operative infections. endovenous laser ablation therapy is therefore a welcome new procedure that is free of these side effects.


During The Procedure

Duration: 35-45 minutes

The procedure requires only local anesthesia, which means patients will be awake and fully alert. No incisions are required. A LASER fibre is threaded into the problematic vein to deliver energy that causes the vein to collapse and seal shut. Once the LASER energy has been applied, the fibre is removed and a compression bandage is put onto the leg. The procedure eliminates the vein discomfort or pain the patient might have had

What To Expect Afterwards

The endovenous laser therapy is almost like coming to a routine doctor’s appointment. You will be fully mobile and can resume your usual activities after the procedure.


Adverse events following this procedure do occur, but are infrequent and almost all are minor. Ecchymosis (a purple discoloration under the skin, a little like a bruise) over the treated segment frequently occurs and normally lasts for 14 days. About one week after the endovenous laser procedure, the treated vein may develop a feeling of tightness similar to that of a strained muscle. This transient discomfort which is likely related to inflammation in the treated vein segments, will be dealt with by your body’s natural healing processes.

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