Sever’s Disease

Calcaneal apophysitis or Sever’s Disease 

Sever’s Disease is a common cause of heel pain in children. This disease is distinguished by inflammation about the growth plate into the heel bone (calcaneus) and typically happens in late childhood. Adolescent athletes are expressly susceptible, particularly those young athletes who play physical games that require a lot of running, like football, or basketball.

Sever’s Disease Symptoms

  • When a feeling of pressure or tension back the heel
  • Trouble when landing the heel at the ground
  • Pain in the foot or under the heel Pain worsens when and or resulting in sports activities.
  • Pain can increase even day by day
  • The child may be unwilling to participate in a gym session
  • Pain sometimes arises while the child takes their initial steps in the morning or after a long time to start again
  • Both heels may be affected

Cases about Sever’s Disease

Mostly those who age within six and sixteen, Heel bone is divided into two parts through a soft cartilaginous growth plate (secondary ossification center). These tissues are located at the backbone of the heel also are the Achilles tendon’s insertion. The behind part of the heel growth plate helps while the adjunct of that plantar fascia (the most major ligament of this plantar arch). While Sever’s disease, that Achilles tendon and plantar fascia both pull on the heel as if joining into a tug of war.

If redundant tension also stresses occur on the junction around the two bony parts of the heel, that growth plate undergoes inflammation, and symptoms associated with Sever’s disease may arise. Therefore, each condition that causes unreasonable stretching of both the Achilles tendon or plantar fascia can trigger Sever’s disease. Unnecessary tension at the situation can usually be associated with poor foot mechanics either structural problems of these feet that lead to impaired movement or abnormal gait.

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