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Anaemia is a reduced level of red blood cells in the body. A reduced level of red blood cells makes it hard to perform activities of daily living. Vitamin deficiency anaemia is defined as unhealthy erythrocytes due to the deficiency in vitamin C, Folate and Vitamin B-12.

Anaemia Diagnosis

Often, the first test used to diagnose anaemia is a complete blood count (CBC). The CBC measures many parts of your blood. The test checks your hemoglobin and hematocrit (hee-MAT-oh-crit) levels. Hemoglobin is the iron-rich protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen to the body.

Causes of Anaemia

Vitamins that play a role in erythrocyte formation can be reduced; their inadequacy reduces the amount of red blood cells being formed. Red blood cells main function is to transport oxygen, nutrients to the cells and remove waste such as carbon dioxide from the cells. The Diet that lacks vitamin causes vitamin deficiency anaemia, some people’s bodies are not able to absorb the nutrients, thus causing anaemia. Vitamin deficiency anaemia is also known as megaloblastic anaemia, and they include folate deficiency anaemia, vitamin B-12 anaemia and vitamin C deficiency anaemia.
Folate deficiency anaemia: Folate is also known as vitamin B-9. Green-leafy vegetables and fruits are full of folate. A body’s inability to absorb folate results to folate deficiency anaemia, also inadequate intake of foods that contain folate leads to anaemia. Inability to absorb the vitamin can result from a disease of the small intestine such as celiac disease. Excessive alcohol intake reduces folate absorption and some medications such as anti-seizure drugs reduce folate absorption.
Eggs, meat and milk are full of vitamin B-12. Anaemia due to vitamin B-12 deficiency can be due to the inability of the small intestines to absorb the vitamin and reduced intake of the foods that are rich in the vitamin. Tapeworms ingested can snap out of the food taken in hence depriving the body of the nutrients.
Finally, Vitamin C deficiency anaemia: it is due to lack of vitamin C. An impaired absorption of the vitamins and reduced of food rich in Vitamin C leads to the deficiency.

Anaemia Treatment

Anaemia treatment depends on the cause. Once your hemoglobin levels and red blood cells are normal, your GP will usually recommend continuing to take iron supplements for three months to help build up the iron levels in your body. After this, you should be able to stop taking the supplements, depending on the cause of your iron deficiency anaemia.

What You Can Do

  • Taking a balanced diet and ensuring food taken in is rich in vitamins.
  • Cooking food to the right temperature. Overcooking green leafy vegetables lead to loss of vitamins in the food.
  • Pregnant women need to take in supplements, especially rich in folate. By doing so, the increased need due to the growing fetus and the condition is well-catered.
  • A person with any intestinal medical condition needs to be properly checked to ensure their intake of vitamins is well-catered.
  • Alcohol intake needs to be limited. As stated earlier, alcohol reduces folate absorption hence the need to regulate alcohol intake.

What We Can Do

  • The diagnosis of vitamin deficiency anaemia. It is diagnosed by taking a blood sample and viewing it under a microscope, and a complete hemogram is done to determine the number of red blood cells in the blood.
  • Other tests we conduct at our clinic in Dubai, include schilling test, antibodies test and methylmalonic test.
  • Anaemia treatment is offered by giving client supplements to boost the vitamin levels.
  • If the condition of a client is worse, a client is given injections monthly to boost their vitamin levels.

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