Wart and Verrucae

Wart and Verrucae – Causes and treatment

The Verrucae can appear on any space of the foot and they can be grown in the size of a pinprick right up to expend a large area on the foot. Sometimes, Wart can appear as some time in a single area, and maybe various verrucae can grow and also covering a large area.

How to identify a wart? Initial diagnosis is essential so treatment can do immediate and efficient for the wart removal surgery. Verrucae many times seem like corns (also vice versa), however, a simple diagnosis can help identify them; If you sense pain on hand or foot while that affected area is pinched and don’t if it is pressed, then there is a right time to diagnose that might be verrucae.

Plantar warts occur by the infection due to HPV into the external layer of skin at the bottoms of your feet. Both occur while any virus enters into your body by tiny cuts, breaks, or other weak spots on the bottoms of your feet.

HPV is familiar, furthermore, more than 100 kinds of viruses exist. From those viruses, only some kind of virus of them creates warts on the feet. Some types of HPV are more expected to cause warts on other areas of your skin or mucous membranes.

Transmission of the virus

All peoples immune system reacts differently to HPV. No all peoples come in contact with it grows warts and even people in a similar family react to the virus differently.

The HPV endeavors that cause plantar warts aren’t highly contagious. So, this kind of virus not easily spread directly from one person to another person like COVID -19, but it grows in hot, moistened environments.

Consequently, you may incur this virus by walking barefooted round swimming pools or locker rooms. If this type of virus spreads from the first site of infection, more warts may appear. 

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